Samsung Note9 won’t turn on, Black Screen, and Charging Problem


Samsung Note9 won’t turn on or showing a black screen can be a charging issue. Samsung Note9 charging problem is a repeating issue is Samsung Mobiles. Galaxy mobile battery issues come from like installed applications, others by firmware glitches, some of them hardware-related problems.

Samsung Note9 charges very slowly or No Charge

Sometimes, the Samsung Note9 charge took a whole night to charge a 100% battery. You have to plug in your Samsung mobile and look into after 10-15 minutes, check the status of the battery. Nowadays all Samsung Mobiles come with an inbuilt battery so you cannot changes yourself with a new battery. You have to visit your nearest Samsung Customer Care to buy a new battery. But always changes new Battery is not the best solution for charging issues.

Troubleshooting for Samsung Note9 Won’t Turn On

  1. Turn Off Your Samsung Note9 mobile.
  2. Press Power key for 10-15 seconds.
  3. “Samsung” logo will appear on your mobile screen.
  4. Press and hold volume down key until the device finishes restarting
  5. You will see Safe mobile on the bottom corner of the mobile screen
  6. Now your mobile is in safe mode.
  7. 90% of slow charging is caused by an app. So you have to find that app in safe mode and uninstall that app from your mobile.
  8. You can Hard Reset Your Samsung Note9 Mobile. Before doing so, you must have backup your file and settings.
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Samsung Note9 charges slow and heats up

When you plug in your Samsung mobile for charging and it slowly charging up, also your Galaxy A9 mobile heat up more than you have the issue with your mobile. Sometimes Samsung Note9 charging very slowly and it heats up bad to the point that it might explode.

Troubleshooting for Samsung Note9 charges slow and heats up

It looks like that charging mobile and mobile heat up connects, but at some points, they are not. There can be many factors that can heat up mobile, like app crashing, an app taking resources too much, and Micro SD card issue.

App Issue: Mobile slow charging and heat up can be related to this. So run your mobile in Safe mode and try to find that app who’s creating this issue. If you want to know how to run your Samsung mobile in Safe mode, read the above section where we have mentioned how to fix Samsung Note9 slow charging.

Micro SD card issue: some time micro SD card gets corrupted or damaged, and the phone tries to read it again and again. This process heats up your mobile a lot. It’s better to remove the damaged micro SD card from mobile and buy a new one.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 won’t charge at all

Sometime Galaxy Note9 plugging it in to charge, it didn’t charge at all. To fix this charging issue, we have to reset mobile soft so that the mobile can start charging again. To do the soft reset, you have to read the following article of our where we have to tell you how to do hard/soft reset mobile.

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Samsung Note9 won’t charge after Getting Wet

Samsung A6 not charge after Getting Wet

When Samsung mobile gets wet, you have to be more careful because Samsung is medium waterproof. So you have to act quickly to save your mobile to become dead. Here are the steps you have to follow to rescue your mobile after getting wet:

  • First of take a dry cloth and wipe the mobile carefully. Make sure that you don’t leave any drop of water on your mobile. It better to switch off your mobile for some time and so that mobile can keep dry and won’t burn while charging.
  • After that clean the charging port of mobile using a can of compressed air.
  • Try charging your phone using a different charging cord.

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