Samsung Galaxy A8+ Moisture Detected won’t go away – How to Fix


Samsung Galaxy A8+ continuously showing Moisture Detected alert on the screen. This Moisture Detected alert shows when your Samsung Galaxy A8+ mobile detects some moisture near charing USB point. This alert won’t go away until we clear moisture from mobile. This alert does not allow the charger to charge mobile until we clear moisture from mobile.

Cause of Samsung Galaxy A8+ Moisture Detected

The main cause of “Moisture Detected” problem is due to the USB port has gotten wet. All Samsung Mobile have Moisture sensor. This is for safety precaution because in wet USB port can lead to a dangerous situation.  Samsung Moisture Sensor refuses to charge and accept electricity from whatever source you have plugged it into for both you and your mobile safety.

if you have dropped your Galaxy A8+ in water then you can receive such alerts occasionally. If you are living in a more humid atmosphere then Galaxy A8+ can show you this alert because in Humid atmosphere sometime thin layer of humid air as a liquid in the charging port.

Samsung A8+ Moisture Detected Fix Method One

  1. Turn Off Your Galaxy A8+ mobile.
  2. Plug in your Galaxy A8+ to the charger.
  3. Now, Power On your Galaxy A8+.
  4. It will remove the warning of “Moisture Detected” alert from the screen and allow mobile to charge from charger.
  5. Don’t Unplug Your mobile until your mobile gets a 100% charge.
  6.  This will solve your ” Moisture Detected” issue of Galaxy A8+.
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Samsung A8+Moisture Detected Fix Method Two

if you have used above method but still showing you “Moisture Detected” alert on your screen then put your Galaxy in a bag with rice. Rice will absorb all Moisture from your Galaxy A8+. the alert will go after that. Rice is a good product to dry out.

If you don’t have rice then you can use a hairdryer. Turn On your hairdryer in warm mode and bring your Galaxy A8+ mobile charging point to in front of Dryer Vent. it will dry any moisture on Charging point and will remove moisture alert from mobile.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ won’t charge after Getting Wet

When Galaxy A8+ gets wet, you have to be more careful because the Galaxy A8+ is medium waterproof. So you have to act quickly to save your mobile to become dead. Here are the steps you have to follow to rescue your mobile after getting wet:

  • First of take a dry cloth and wipe Galaxy A8+ mobile carefully. Make sure that you don’t leave any drop of water on your mobile. It better to switch off your mobile for some time and so that mobile can keep dry and won’t burn while charging.
  • After that clean the charging port of mobile using a can of compressed air.
  • Try charging your phone using a different charging cord.