How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S22 camera focus or making a buzzing sound


While not a common problem in Samsung Galaxy S22
, the camera focus issue and buzzing noise can be annoying. It wouldn’t be so irritating if it didn’t make any noise. The camera would not focus when it did and blurred the pictures as they were taken.

This shouldn’t be a problem. There are many solutions for a Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s camera not working or making a buzzing sound.

Update the most recent Samsung Galaxy S22

Some Samsung Galaxy S22
  users were plagued by the issue of their rear camera not focusing and making noises. Many users reported that the problem was resolved after upgrading to the latest OS.

As far as fixing a Samsung Galaxy S22
camera that doesn’t work or a buzzing sound, the first tip is to ensure you have the most recent software. To check, go to the System updates section of your Samsung Galaxy S22

Tap the camera module

Tap the camera module multiple times if your Samsung Galaxy S22
camera makes a clicking sound or vibrates. Many users reported that their Samsung Galaxy S22
camera stopped making a buzzing sound after the system update. The issue was fixed by tapping the camera module.

While it doesn’t necessarily fix your Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s camera problems, it is worth trying. Here’s how:

  • Start the Camera app. Hold your Samsung Galaxy S22
    and let it rest on your palm.
  • Now, use your finger to tap the camera module.
  • Tap the button hard but gently so that it fixes the problem and doesn’t damage your Samsung Galaxy S22
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Keep a magnet near the camera.

If the buzzing noise and non-focus on your Samsung Galaxy S22
are still a problem, you might need to try a more technical solution. You can also update the system by tapping the camera module. You can also use a magnet for snapping the camera back into its original position. This solved the problem for many people and may also work for you.

  • Keep a small magnet handy wherever you go.
  • Hold the magnet near the camera module and then take it out for a second.


This is how to fix a Samsung Galaxy S22
camera that doesn’t work or a buzzing sound from your mobile. Now your Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s camera should stop shaking. It should regain its Auto-Focus capabilities.

The three solutions mentioned may not work for you or be temporary. The camera hardware may be defective in your situation. The only option is to replace the camera module, as far as I know.

How do you replace the camera module?

The camera’s focus is not working, and a hardware problem may cause the buzzing sound. You will need to replace the module. It’s most often caused by dropping the Samsung Galaxy S22
. Sometimes, it can also be due to a manufacturing defect. You should see a technician repair the camera module no matter how the problem happened.

You may be eligible to repair your Samsung Galaxy S22
at no cost if it is still under warranty. If not, we recommend taking your Samsung Galaxy S22
to the authorized repair center. A technician will inspect the problem and suggest the best solution. Usually, the technician will replace the camera module.

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We do not recommend replacing the camera module yourself as it could cause further damage and void your warranty.

What should you do if your camera stops focusing?

A hardware problem usually causes a Samsung Galaxy S22
camera’s focus problem. The lens can be dirty or faulty, or the problem is the same as the earlier buzzing sound. Sometimes, the problem could also be software-related. You can either restart your Samsung Galaxy S22
or update the operating system to fix it.

The lens may be dirty, and your Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s focus is not failing. It can be easily noticed if it takes blurry photos/videos or fails to focus on the correct subject.

You may need to clean your camera lens and then start over.

  • Leave the Camera app
  • Use a soft, clean cloth.
  • wipe the camera glass gently with clean cloth.
  • Open the Camera app and check if it focuses well.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s camera should focus correctly. If your Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s focus is not accurate, turn it off and wait for it to get better. This is a good idea for temporary glitches. You can try a factory reset if that doesn’t work. This will rule out software-related issues.

How to stop your Samsung Galaxy S22
camera from shaking

If your Samsung Galaxy S22
make a buzzing sound while the camera is being used, but others don’t. However, this is not much different from when the camera shakes. Any shot taken would become blurry and impossible to use.

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These are some things you can do to stop your Samsung Galaxy S22
‘s camera from shaking:

  1. Press Power Button to Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S22
  2. Now, Press Volume Down and Power Button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. You will see Recovery mode on your mobile screen.
  4. Use the Volume button select “recovery” to confirm by pressing the power button.
  5. Select Wipe Data three times to confirm the Power Button.
  6. After that, Select Ok to clear all your data to confirm. Press the power button.
  7. After that, back to confirm it by the power button.
  8. From recovery mode, select “reboot system.” It will hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S22
  9. Now, you have successfully reset your Mobile.

We can use the same method for “How to fix Samsung Galaxy S22
camera buzzing sound and not to work” to stop your Samsung Galaxy S22
from stabilizing its camera. If you are still having problems, it is time to call the service center.