How to enter Download Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i


How do I enter the download mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i
? How to open Download Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i
? How do you boot the Download Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i
? How do I exit download mode? How do I quit the Download mode? The following Download mode instruction will provide all your information about the mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i

Download mode is commonly used to flash custom firmware, flash custom recovery flashes, install apps packages and flash the stock firmware. Download mode allows you to modify the Xiaomi Mi 11i
software. You can also update the system version and upload programs that cannot be installed using the apps marketplace.

First, you need a computer or laptop with a USB cable to fit your Xiaomi Mi 11i
device to activate Download mode.

Open Download Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i

  1. For a brief moment, turn off your mobile device by pressing the Power button.
  2. The Micro USB can be plugged into your computer second.
  3. For a few seconds, press Volume up and Power rocker.
  4. When the company Logo appears on your screen, release Volume up
  5. When Bootloader mode appears, do not press the Power button.
  6. Next, select “Download” and plug the micro cable into your device.

What’s Download Mode?

This download mode allows you to access helpful information such as FRP status, model details, and system data. The Xiaomi Mi 11i
will access Download mode. The system will use external sources to replace the stock boot loader. It is also used for root processes.

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For What Is Download Mode Used?

You can use the Download Mode to install OS updates, custom recovery, and ROM. You can also upload applications.

How to Exit Download Mode on Xiaomi Mi 11i

To exit Download Mode, hold down the Power button and Volume Down simultaneously until the screen turns off. Your Xiaomi Mi 11i
will restart to normal mode.


Download mode allows you to upload many files. You can also install custom recovery and firmware. Be careful when choosing apps and other software to flash the device. This can cause severe damage to the Xiaomi Mi 11i
. To enjoy the Download Mode benefits, check for viruses and compatibility with your device.