Before hard reset or factory reset your mobile, you should know some important things. if you don’t know about those things then you can lose your data and hard reset process will not be done properly. So please read carefully belows things.

Make sure You charge Your Mobile Battery above 75%

If your don’t charge your mobile battery properly or below 75% then mobile can be switch off during hard reset or factory reset process. and you have to redo all process again after charging your mobile.

Backup all your mobile phone data onto SD card

When you do hard reset or factory reset your mobile. It will delete all data, file and application from mobile and will become like u have bought mobile first time. Mobile will not have any data that you have saved there. So its better to have backup your mobile phone data onto memory card before hard reset.

Remove your SD card and Sims from your mobile

Hard reset method will delete all of your data in your Memory cards and sims. So it will be good to remove SD card and Sims before hard reset or format.